Ballet Master Classes


En Avant Ballet offers exciting ballet master classes often taught by leading professional ballet dancers, giving you the unique opportunity to learn from experts in the ballet world.

Past guest ballet teachers from The Royal Ballet include Principal ballerinas Mara Galeazzi and Yasmine Naghdi, Principal Guest Artist Thiago Soares, Principal Character Artist Thomas Whitehead, First Soloist dancer Claire Calvert and Soloist dancer Nicol Edmonds.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis all our Master Classed at The Place are cancelled. Instead we are running our Master Classes via Zoom!

Please read our terms and conditions before booking an online class.

Upcoming Master Classes


Unpacking Fondu and Frappe - Monday 25th May 2020

Both Battement Fondu and Battement Frappe mark the middle of your barre work, when movements start to become more co-ordinated, technically challenging and where movement dynamics and musicality are tested in order to prepare you for dancing freely in the centre. They also happen to be my personal favourite ballet exercises at the barre!

These movements are linked due to their assistance in strengthening your allegro as well as many others things and that's one reason why I'd like to 'unpack' them within the same Master Class. Battement Fondu is considered the most important exercise at the barre after plies and tendus as it prepares you for almost every movement you will execute in the centre from adage, pirouettes and allegro (try to think of a single centre exercise which doesn't involve a fondu of some kind?!) and frappe is very specifically tailored to help improve your launch and landing co-ordination and power when jumping as well as beats of the lower leg for more exciting petit allegro.

I have been asked by many of you to help explain the Battement Frappe more and that includes double and triple frappes, the associated steps such as petit battements and coupes. This Master Class is for you!

This Master Class will be tailored to beginner - intermediate level adult ballet dancers but is open to dancers at all levels.

Monday 25th May, 5-6.15pm UK time via Zoom - Book now!


Pirouette Master Class  - Monday 1st June 2020

On the spot! Pun intended . . .

I am always so excited to teach a Pirouette Master Class and now I have adapted it for the home environment!

Lets unpack everything about the pirouette sur place (on the spot, no travelling pirouettes this time!) including the balance, co-ordination and spotting techniques. We will be focusing on the pirouette en dehors and en dedans from 5th, en dehors pirouette from 4th and en dedans pirouette from 4th lunge. I will also share with you my favourite ankle and leg strengthening exercises, visualisation tips and breathing techniques for calm and controlled pirouettes.

This Master Class is suitable for adult ballet dancers training at an improver, intermediate or advanced level. Beginners are welcome however this class is unsuitable for complete beginners.

Please ensure you have enough space that you can freely and safely move your body, and that your flooring is not too sticky or slippery. Harlequin ballet floor or un-varnished wooden floor are the most suitable. Read the online class liability waiver before booking this Master Class.

Monday 1st June, 5-6.15pm UK time via Zoom - Book now!


Back to Ballet Master Class - Sunday 14th June 2020

During this very interesting time of social distancing and being confined to our homes, we've been blessed with a unique opportunity to get back to basics; in our personal lives, in our work, hobbies and dreams. If you've always wanted to learn ballet and have never had the chance or if you started ballet a while ago and wished you'd continued, then this is the master class for you!

Dance is healing. It is a known fact that classical music (which accompanies all my classes) is proven to mitigate stress and learning how to adopt the posture of a ballerina can make you feel more graceful, younger and happier! This is the perfect moment to get back to ballet and discover its incredibly beautiful, intricate and mindful technique from the comfort of your own home.

You will discover the fundamentals of classical ballet technique including the positions of the arms and legs, the posture, turnout and the 'blueprint' steps which pave the way to more advanced steps and how to execute these with confidence. We will explore artistry and story-telling themes which will also include elements of musicality. Finally, you will learn some of the history of this very traditional art form, from its roots in the French Royal courts and the political and artistic influence over the centuries, to where we are now in the present day!

If you are already an adult ballet dancer and wish to further your knowledge, you're very welcome to join this Master Class.

Suitable for complete beginners.

Sunday 14th June, 1-3pm UK time via ZOOM - Book Now!


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“HUGE THANK YOU for the FABULOUS Pas De Deux master class. It was an amazing experience and I have always wanted to try a Fish Dive – now I have done it! There is still life in the old boy yet!”

Ray Wheaton, former Page of Chambers to HM The Queen

“It’s a privilege as an adult to be given the opportunity to learn from such talented professional dancers. Nicol Edmonds gave a master class in the truest sense of the word: it was a positive challenge for the mind and body to take familiar movements and try new combinations at a professional pace – all in keeping with En Avant Ballet’s uniquely fun and friendly environment.”

Gemma Ellis, Digital Manager at Channel 5

Past Master Classes

18th February 2020 - Intermediate Ballet Master Class at Estudio Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

26th January 2020 - Artistry, Musicality and Characterisation Master Class at Cambridge University 

19th January 2020 - Pirouette Master Class 

8th December 2019 - 'Tutus and Tinsel' Christmas Master Class

10th November 2019 - Artistry and Musicality 

2nd June 2019 - Allegro Master Class

31st March 2019 - Introduction to Ballet Master Class 

3rd February 2019 - Pirouette Master Class

9th December 2018 - 'Tutus and Tinsel' Christmas ballet class

26th August 2018 - 'Class then a glass' Summer ballet class 

29th July 2018 - Pointe Work Master Class

20th May 2018 - Adage Master Class 

21st January 2018 – Pirouette Master Class – check out some footage from the class here

11th June 2017 – Pas De Deux with Royal Ballet dancers Nicol Edmonds and Claire Calvert

26th February 2017 – Beginner Pointe Work Class with Royal Ballet first soloist and En Avant Ballet guest teacher Claire Calvert

19th February 2017 – Boys Ballet Master Class with Royal Ballet soloist and En Avant Ballet guest teacher Nicol Edmonds

20th September 2016 – Ballet Master Class with Royal Ballet Principal ballerina Mara Galeazzi

25th October 2015 – Ballet and Romeo & Juliet Repertoire Master Class with Royal Ballet Principal ballerina Mara Galeazzi

25th May 2015 – Ballet and Repertoire Coaching Master Class with Royal Ballet Principal Yasmine Naghdi.