Private Lessons


Our private ballet lessons are offered for 1-2 people per session, Monday - Saturday, either at home or in a ballet studio in London. Carefully tailored to your needs, these lessons ensure you learn the ballet technique safely and to a high standard, allowing you to explore all aspects of the art form and improve at your own pace.

Both individual lessons & package deals are available.

Due to incredibly high demand, all private lessons operate a strict 72 hour cancellation policy.


"Having never studied ballet as a child but always wishing I had, Karis' beginners classes have been a welcoming and supportive environment to learn in. The private classes really focus on what you want to achieve and are totally tailored to your own body and abilities. They're amazing for giving you a comprehensive understanding of the art form."

Scarlet Shillingford, Graphic Designer 

"What sets Karis apart from others is the combination of her clear teaching style, her attention to detail and her passion for seeing you improve. With hands on tweaks to posture, alignment, artistry in both private and group classes, I have improved a lot in short period of time. Thank you!"  

Helen Gordon, Medical Director

Single Lessons

Initial assessment class: £75 for 60-minute lesson

Classes thereafter: £80 for 60-minute lesson at Danceworks (Mayfair, London)*

Private lessons at home start at £65 per 60-minute lesson in Zone 1

5 Lesson Package

£345 for 5 60-minute lessons at Danceworks (Mayfair, London).* Package must be completed within 2 months of the first lesson.

Private lessons at home start at £315 for 5 60-minute lessons in Zone 1

10 Lesson Package

£680 for 10 60-minute lessons at Danceworks (Mayfair, London).* Package must be completed within 3 months of the first lesson

Private lesson at home start at £600 for 10 60-minute lessons in Zone 1

Email to purchase your package now

*Price based on Danceworks studio size. We do have alternative studios across London available – please state the area and size of studio to suit your needs upon request.