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“One of the best ballet classes I’ve ever taken – warm, encouraging, and supportive.”

“Karis is the best ballet teacher I’ve ever had . . . So patient and so kind!”

“Karis is an amazing ballet teacher. I haven’t danced in 5 years, and this was the perfect class to start again. Instructions are very clear and precise, and Karis is so funny!”

“Karis, thank you so much for a wonderful reintroduction to exercise following baby number two! You have helped to restore my mind, body and soul with your incredible teaching and kindness of spirit.”

“So enthusiastic, friendly and warm – actually the best ballet teacher I’ve ever had.”

“It’s such a blessing that we have you as a teacher because you are so professional and full of positive vibes! Thank you for a perfect class!”


“Karis is a wonderful teacher, trainer, artist and friend. She has the innate ability of transferring the profound benefits of ballet with ease and good nature that masks the most challenging aspects of the discipline.

I found it one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had while simultaneously being one of the most pleasant.”

Billy Zane, Actor

En Avant Ballet Adult Beginner Ballet Classes London Karis Scarlette Client Testimonial

“I have been going to Karis for private classes for the last 5 years. I took a long break from ballet and I wanted to get back on form. Karis helped me achieve my goal, with a very personalised, friendly approach and even got me back in my pointe shoes and in shape for my wedding. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn ballet, at any age, as she is very approachable, has excellent credentials and is a great person to share your love for ballet with!”

Anna Stasinou, City Worker

En Avant Ballet Adult Beginner Ballet Classes London Karis Scarlette Client Testimonial

“En Avant Ballet’s classes are so supportive. There’s a real sense of community among the students there, who range from complete beginners to those picking up ballet again. It’s all made possible by Karis, who has made class incredibly welcoming, enthusiastic, and challenging – very rare for ballet! Thank you for helping me rediscover my love for dance.”

Amy Young, Strategy Consultant

En Avant Ballet Adult Beginner Ballet Classes London Karis Scarlette Men Ballet Classes Client Testimonial

“Karis Scarlette has obviously taken all of her past knowledge as a former student at The Royal Ballet School, and applied it to the teaching of beginners expertly; moulding a ballet class into a stress-free and extremely fun work-out. If you are toiling in a sweatbox doing yoga, change into a pair of ballet shoes and get to one of her classes asap.”

Marius Arnold-Clarke, Production Manager