Which class level is right for me?

If you’ve never danced before or are just starting out, our Monday and Thursday Beginners classes are a great starting point.

If you’re more familiar with ballet, our Thursday Improvers class will help build your confidence and introduce you to new steps.

If you’ve been dancing for over a year, try our Wednesday and Thursday Intermediate classes for an extra challenge.

And if you’re a very confident dancer with extensive experience with classical ballet, try our Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday Advanced classes starting in July.


What if I’ve never danced before?

Now’s a great time to start! Our beginner classes are a supportive environment for complete beginners, and will teach you the fundamentals –  posture, feet and leg positions, and port de bras (movement of the arms). These building blocks will be reinforced throughout the class as you begin to learn enchainments (movement combinations).

What should I wear?

 Anything you can freely and safely move in. Socks are fine for your feet initially. If you think you’ll be coming to class regularly, we recommend purchasing ballet shoes (~£10-20).

How do I join a class? 

The easiest way is to to email us so we can guide you to the right class/time. All classes are open to drop in. Please note that classes at The Detox Kitchen must be booked online via their website: www.thedetoxkitchen.co.uk.

Is ballet for me?

Yes! Our beginners classes and ballet retreats are designed for anyone and everyone, at every life stage. No previous dance experience is necessary either – just bring your enthusiasm, your willingness to work hard, and a good sense of humour!

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