En Avant Ballet regularly holds Day and Mini Ballet Retreats in London and cities all over Europe.

These unique events allow you the exciting opportunity to experience what life is like as a ballet dancer through our carefully structured schedule of ballet classes, repertoire workshops and rehearsals, ballet conditioning exercises, stretching sessions and small performances for invited friends and family members. We also regularly have special guest dancers and teachers from The Royal Ballet and other major ballet companies. 

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Swan Lake Day Retreat, London 

Saturday 4th April 2020, The Place 

Join us for a very exciting adult ballet day intensive studying the character of the Black Swan from Liam Scarlett's beautiful production Swan Lake for The Royal Ballet.  After a ballet class to live music from our musician Ben Socrates,  Ludo Ondiviela and I will take you through the important mime and character interactions as well as the Black Swan solo all from Act 3. Not to be missed! 

All Day and Mini Retreats have a strict cancellation policy. For Day Retreats, a full refund will be given if you cancel with more than 2 weeks notice of the start date and 50% refunds are given if you cancel with a weeks notice of the start date. Unfortunately no refunds can be given within 1 week of the Day Retreat. Mini Retreats are non-refundable within 6 weeks of the start date. 

16-17th September 2017 – Dance Theatre of Ireland, Dublin

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend…After a break of 25 years since regular classes, this was quite the baptism of fire to get back into ballet. I loved every single moment. Thank you Karis for such a fun weekend. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Barbara Griffin

11th June 2017 – Danceworks, London

“Who needs weights when you can lift women in ballet class? Seriously, probably one of the best workouts of my life. At the beginning it was all jokes and games, but by the end my muscles were done. Thank you Karis for organising such an amazing event with two members of the Royal Ballet.

Andre Krumholz, Marketing Manager