Conversations with KarisĀ 

How are you doing? Is the feeling of confinement getting to you?

I would love to talk to you!

During this really difficult and confusing time, while we are social-distancing, some of us may find ourselves quite literally without anyone to talk to. The lack of social interaction and company can have a serious effect on our mental health. I for one know exactly how this feels. When I was a seriously injured ballet dancer confined to my chair or bed for most of the day for many months (it would be more accurate to say years, on and off) I experienced loneliness desperately.

You're not alone in this . . .

At En Avant Ballet we are all connected through our love and passion for classical ballet. Our community is made up of inspiring people from all walks of life, with lots of stories to tell! I would love to give you the opportunity to talk to either myself or a small group of like-minded others over a cup of coffee, herbal tea or glass of wine! 'Virtually' of course . . .

Starting Monday 4th May, I will be extending the time of our Beginner/ Improver Classes by 15mins to give anyone who is taking part in the class the opportunity to talk to their fellow adult dancers.

Conversations will be payable via PayPal.

When I felt alone as a teenager (before the age of social media) meditation, buddhist philosophy and reading books became my faith and it were several books in particular all about sports psychology and mindfulness in dance which inspired me to become a teacher and mentor later in life. When talking to those whom I mentor, I also draw on my extensive amount of life experience as a student of The Royal Ballet, going through a career-ending injury and how I managed to take control of my life again. If you would like a private Conversation or mentoring session discussing ballet and mindfulness please email me to book a time and for prices.

I really look forward to talking with you soon!