Private Ballet Lessons and 1:1 Coaching


I believe the journey we are all on is what we make of it. We are in control and can decide how much work we are going to put in. This is why choosing a life that inspires, challenges and excites you is what really matters. If your dedication to learning ballet aligns with your passion to be the very best version of yourself in everyday life then wherever you are on this journey, you are exactly where you are supposed to be - on the right path.

My journey from dancer to teacher has provided any lessons of my own. Finding a strong sense of self belief, being kind to myself, learning to quieten the ego, combatting my fear of failure and practicing patience are just some of the reasons why I am the teacher I am today. I always find likeminded individuals find their way to me in search of these exact resources.

For us to push past personal boundaries we must first adapt and evolve through often uncomfortable habitual behaviours and thoughts. With an open-minded and clear goal in sight though you will not regret the first steps you take towards a better ballet, and life experience. This journey is collaborative. We will work together through bespoke 1:1 sessions focussing not just on improving your dancing and furthering your knowledge of this wonderful art form but on emotional wellbeing, mindfulness tips to enhance performance and concentration, overall mental and physical health, musicality and expression.

Does this sound like what you're looking for? Please enquire here or email to find out more.

Private Ballet Lessons and 1:1 Coaching can include:

  • Classical ballet training for anyone and everyone, no matter your experience, age or gender
  • Mobility and flexibility training
  • Body conditioning exercises to enhance your technique and strength
  • Meditation for concentration, mental clarity and optimal performance
  • Mentoring for confidence and adaptability
  • Online via Zoom or face to face in the studio


Please ensure you are medically fit before participating in private ballet classes and 1:1 coaching. Upon booking you will be asked to fill out a form informing me of any medical or health issues you feel I need to be made aware of in order to work together safely. 

"Being coached privately by you has helped me grow immensely and have helped to heal me. Not just in ballet, in all areas of my life. I am so grateful to have met you and to have experienced your top level classes, which are challenging but also filled with compassion and understanding. I am so grateful."

Simon, teacher from Italy 

"I contacted Karis for 1:1 tuition after reading an article about men doing ballet as adults. She is a fantastic coach, setting a great balance between serious teaching calling on her many years of Royal Ballet training and making our classes fun and welcoming meaning I never feel intimidated in our classes. She also has an impressive understanding of the human body and mind."

Colin, director from the UK