En Avant Ballet Mission

At En Avant Ballet, our mission is to pass on the joy of ballet through inspiring and fun adult ballet master classesworkshops and retreats. We remain true to tradition by providing expert teaching in ballet technique, artistry, musicality and strength training so you can achieve your fitness goals and live a happier life while learning in a genuine, relaxed environment.

All En Avant Ballet classes are taught by Royal Ballet School trained dancer and ballet teacher Karis Scarlette.


Ballet is for everyone, no matter what stage of life you’re at! If you danced as a child or are just starting out now as an adult, here at En Avant Ballet our beginner ballet classes and specifically tailored master classes will provide you with the support, knowledge and experience you deserve as you learn alongside like-minded others.

En Avant Ballet is proud to offer exclusive master classes and workshops taught by world famous ballet dancers from The Royal Ballet.


One of the best things about learning classical ballet is the journey. The technique is constantly evolving and exercises can be performed in a seemingly endless variety of sequences, making each class slightly different from the one before. As your knowledge of ballet grows, so will your confidence — give our En Avant Ballet intermediate and advanced level ballet classes a go.


Ballet is a highly focused and empowering form of dance that benefits all areas of your life and wellbeing. From posture and flexibility to muscle strength and co-ordination, classical ballet will enhance your physique, keep your mind stimulated and build your self-confidence. Other benefits include improved stamina and balance, bodily awareness and self-expression, grace and musicality.